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Any individual submitting IQ test results to the ePiq admissions officer for the express purpose of seeking membership within the ePiq society must do so while conforming to the ePiq website membership acceptance test list as shown on our website.


 If the test you wish to use for admission purposes does not appear on the list below then the ePiq society will only accept properly administered and supervised IQ tests as recognized by the ePiq testing staff and or their duly authorized agent's working under the auspices of the ePiq testing division.


 Any attempts or inquires to use non-accepted tests outside of the range of stated accepted tests discussed previously in this message will not be responded to.  If you would like to join ePiq, and you meet the qualifying conditions please copy and complete the Application form and send it to the Membership Officer along with your attached score report showing your qualifying score.


Note: continued membership is not implied nor guaranteed and membership can be revoked at any time upon receiving probable cause to do so, as may be found in the opinions of the ePiq Society officers.

 By applying for membership, you automatically agree to abide by all statements and conditions as set forth on this admissions page.




The minimum requirement for admission is an age corrected IQ of 143 (SD=15) which is at or above the 99.8th percentile of the unselected population.


Our minimum age requirement is 16 yrs old at the time of testing.


Some accepted tests are listed below:


  Bonnardel BLS4-2T   


  Cattell Culture Fair III  - Scores accepted before January, 2009


  WAIS - R or III  - Scores accepted before January, 2009


  Daniels FRT - Form B [1] 

[1] Only form B of the FRT is accepted. The raw score requirement for admission to ePiq can be found here.